Misc. Services

Money Orders

Money orders are available at each of our Branch Locations.

Refer to: Fee Schedule_7-20-2016

eSign Act Disclosure  –  Terms and Conditions for Online Web Site viewing and/or the electronic delivery of disclosures, agreements, change notices, and any other documents.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is a method of transferring money from one entity to another. The Credit Union will comply with all government regulations affecting wire transfers, including Federal Reserve Board Regulation J, Subpart B (Funds Transfers Through Fedwire) and the Uniform Commercial Code.

The Credit Union will comply with all National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) operating rules for all payments accepted into accounts through one or more Automated Clearing Houses (ACH).

Contact Us for “Incoming” and “Outgoing” wire transfer instructions.

Electronic Fund Transactions Disclosure

Safe Deposit Boxes

The Credit Union offers safe deposit box service as part of our commitment to support the fundamental financial needs of the membership. Boxes are available in the Dawson and Renville Branches.

In offering this service the Credit Union will obey all appropriate laws and regulations. In addition, an active program of risk management will be maintained to ensure that risks associated with safe deposit boxes are identified and minimized.

Contact Us for availability and fee information.