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DCCU is now offering a new “personalized” VISA Reloadable Card to our membership at a very reasonable cost.

The VISA reloadable card may be very beneficial to you as an addition to, or an alternative to, a debit card and will allow you as a cardholder, to load a set amount of money onto a plastic card at a branch or online. The card can also accept direct deposit, and will give you access to the convenience of using plastic anywhere VISA is accepted for payments, purchases, and ATM withdrawals without the burden of interest or the threat of overdraft charges.


Who can benefit?

  • All Members – Security advantage. A stolen reloadable card only gives the thief access to the card’s balance, not the entire balance of a members savings or checking. National data indicates 0.008% Fraud Loss.
  • Budget/Money Management Tool-Load travel budget dollars, bill payment dollars, etc.
  • Members that don’t qualify for checking or a debit card, giving them the power of plastic and an economic alternative to outside vendors that charge astronomical fees.
  • Students – Parents can monitor usage via online and text alert notifications. Lesson in financial responsibility.
  • Travelers – Provides savvy travelers a combination of methods for carrying money.


Card Features:

  • PIN Number – When you call to retrieve your PIN, you will be given the option to choose a new PIN; a fee of 25 cents will applied to your card if accepted.
  • Direct Deposit – You have the option to have your paychecks directly deposited onto your card. Your money is available right away.
  • Spend-Use your card wherever VISA is accepted: Online purchases, pay bills online/over the phone, ATM access, and Cash back.
  • FREE Mobile Text Alerts – Sign up for the following alerts: Funds are loaded, Purchases/Transactions, Low Balance, and Available Balance.
  • Online Account Access – Activate Your Card, View Activity, Check Your Balance, Reload Card, ATM Locator, General Information, Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Conditions, Fees, Privacy Policy, and News.


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