About Us

Dawson Co-op Credit Union is built on “People helping People.”

Dawson Co-op Credit Union is a member-owned, nonprofit financial cooperative. A cooperative is an association of people who voluntarily join together to meet their common economic, social, or cultural needs, and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. As a financial cooperative, we share these principles and add a few of our own such as service to members and building financial stability.

Dawson Co-op Credit Union, is a growing, full service, member owned, non-profit, federally insured financial cooperative for the agricultural community with assets of $159 million. Our mission is to be a leader in the community, while being the primary financial institution of our members.

In 1961, seven pioneers submitted an application to the Minnesota Department of Commerce for a credit union charter. 55 potential members attended the first organizational meeting and the original field of membership included the patrons of Lac Qui Parle Co-op Oil and Farmers Co-op Elevator and their employees. The patrons and employees of Tri-County Cooperative Soybean Association were added to the field of membership in 1968. Application was made in 2003 to increase the field of membership to include the counties of Lac Qui Parle, Yellow Medicine, Swift, Chippewa, and Big Stone.

A second office in Boyd was opened in 2004 to provide the community financial service. The third branch in Renville was opened in 2009 after TruStone Financial (formerly Teacher Federal Credit Union) entered into a formal agreement to sell the building and agricultural loan portfolio to Dawson Co-op Credit Union. The County of Renville was added to the field of membership at that time.

Thank you members, for joining us in our efforts to build stronger individuals and stronger communities.