Switch Kit

Make “THE SWITCH” to your local credit union! We can help make it simple!


Just the thought of changing checking accounts can be overwhelming.  Let us help you make “the switch” and simplify your life.  We have the tools to guide you step by step and our Member Services team is ready to help in any way we can!


STEP 1: Open your checking (share draft) account at DCCU; Set up Direct Deposit; Switch your Direct Deposit.

STEP 2Send notifications to your previous financial(s): Request cancellation or switching of automatic withdrawal or payments.  Examples may include utilities, insurance companies, mortgage, etc.  Note: Don’t forget to switch any recurring payments that are set up on your old debit card.

STEP 3: Set up Automatic Withdrawal or Payments from your new DCCU checking. OR – Enroll in our FREE Online Electronic Bill Pay

STEP 4: Stop using your old account.  Leave the old account open for a while just to make sure all your checks have cleared and all your automatic deposits and withdrawals have switched.  Go online frequently and check both old and new accounts to make sure the switch is complete.

STEP 5: Close your old account. Request that any remaining balance be mailed to you in the form of a check when you are absolutely certain all account activity has cleared.